Archived graphic design etc. by Pedro del Corro, Madrid 16:18:43︎New York City 11:18:43
                Pedro del Corro is a graphic designer and design director from Madrid, Spain based in New York City. He has designed in-house for the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY), Apple Inc. (CA), Studio Lin (NY), Dropbox Inc. (NY), working in various fields of design including identity, editorial, exhibition, web, motion, iconography, and the intersection between product design and brand. His work has been featured on Ligature, It’s Nice That, Books From The Future, Back Catalogue, and Typewolf among others.
                2017 – [current], Dropbox Inc., New York City, NY; 2015 – 2017, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, NY; 2015, Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA; 2014, Studio Lin, New York City, NY; 2012 – 2014, Interbrand, Madrid, Spain
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                Featured in Ligature, It's Nice That, North East, Typewolf, Back Catalogue, Books From The Future, Dark Side of Typography, Cargo, The Gallery, Visuelle, AIGA, SiteInspire, Behance, Inspirimgrafik, Pure Typography, Folding Folder, Bench, Pratt Portfolios, Klim, Instagram Suggested User, Design Everywhere, We and the Color, Symmetry Symptom, Illustrated Study, Totally Drunk, Design Clever, Daily Designer, CSSDSGN, Too Many Design, DOMO-A
                All works by Pedro del Corro ©; in-house works in collaboration with respective teams; Whitney Museum of American Art,; Dropbox Inc.,; Studio Lin,; Apple Inc., Works per commission, in-house, and self-initiated; designed, selected, and archived 2015–2020 © Pedro del Corro, all rights reserved. Typeset in Univers (65) by Adrian Frutiger. Home and home-away-from-home clocks courtesy of Tanner Godarzi.


A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is Not, Carl Andre; old apartment at Bedford Ave, 11211 Brooklyn, NY; 4× 11 × 17, tiled, 1/0 risograph